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  • I am NOT having a scheduled party, Can I bring in a cake /cupcakes?
    Unfortunately, No Outside Food or Drink is Permitted into RollerMagic. Unless you have a scheduled party package with us then you may bring cake/cupcakes, candles, & cake server, just no other food or drink.
  • Does a waiver need to be signed?
    We do require everyone who is entering RollerMagic to sign a waiver. Parents or legal guardians must be present to sign for those who are ages 17 & under. You can print out a waiver ahead of time using the WAIVER button at the top of this page and bring it with you.
  • How much is Admission?
    RollerMagic Admission prices vary depending on the session. Please check out the Public Schedulehere on our website. It will list all our session times and prices. Please remember skate rental is always EXTRA if you do not bring your own skates.
  • How much is it to rent skates?
    RollerMagic rents both traditional Quad Skates and Inline Skates. Inline Skates are only available in a limited supply. Both cost $5.00 to rent in addition to the admission prices.
  • How do I book a party package?
    You can book a party package online by going to our PARTY PACKAGES tab and clicking on the link, or you can call us 203-753-4983, or you can stop by the rink during any public skate session. Deposits are required at the time of booking.
  • Do you accept Credit Cards?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card with a minimum charge of $5.00 per transaction. We also accept Apple Pay.
  • What are the Smallest/Largest Size of Skates you have to rent?
    Traditional Quad Skate rental starts at a Toddlers size 7 and goes up to an Adult size 15. Inline Skates start at Juvenile 13 and go up to an Adult size 12.
  • Is your Wednesday Evening Family Skate Open for Everyone?
    Yes! Family Skate is open to single skaters, couples, and families. We term it Family Skate because it is a more affordable time for families to come!
  • Can a parent walk on the floor to help their child?
    Yes! We do allow parents to walk on the main skate floor to help a skating child. You MUST stay in the Blue walker/beginner Skating Lane.
  • I am a parent who is just supervising my child, do I still have to pay?
    Yes, Everyone entering RollerMagic Must Pay Admission To Enter. We do not charge non skating parents the skate rental fee.
  • Do you sell gift cards?
    Yes! You can purchase a gift card in any amount that you would like. Gift cards can be used towards admissions, skate rentals, snack bar purchases, skate sales, and party packages! You can stop by the rink during any public skate session to pick one up or call us 203-753-4983 to make sure someone is at the rink!
  • Do you offer roller skating lessons?
    YES! We now have a certified skating instructor. We offer group lessons or private lessons on quad skates. Please call 203-753-4983 for more details.
  • Are you open on Holidays and School Breaks?
    We open on most school breaks and holidays. Please check our website or Facebook page for hours. You can also call our info line 203-574-2118 to hear the most up to date info.
  • Can I bring my children to the Monday Evening Adult Skate?
    Only people ages 18 and over are allowed in RollerMagic on Monday nights.
  • Do you allow hats to be worn on the main skate floor?
    No, The only headgear allowed on the main skate floor is helmets. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Do you offer anything other than roller skating?
    Yes, we have an arcade area and a snack bar that is open the same time as our skating sessions.
  • Do you offer Group Discounts?
    We offer group discounts for groups of 25 people or more on our Friday Evening or Saturday Evening skate sessions as long as you book at least a week in advance with a deposit, come in all at the same time and pay the balance owed in one sum. To get available times and prices you would need to call us @ 203-753-4983. We also offer Summer Camp Rates (End of June thru Middle of August)- Call for more Info.
  • Do you offer Private Rentals?
    Yes! Please click on the Private Parties Tab for More Info
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