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Roller Skating Lessons On Quad Skates

Roller Skating Association Certified Instructor: Erich Bachman

Group Beginner Skating Lessons for Ages 6-17:  

Wednesday May 8 & 15, 2024  5:30pm-6:15pm  (more dates coming soon)

Subject to Availability - Register By Calling 203-753-4983 OR Stop By RollerMagic During A Public Skate Session.

Cost: $50 for a 2 week program. This price includes 2 - 45 minute group lessons  & also includes the Wednesday evening public skate from 6:30pm-9:00pm after the lesson. 

 $50.00 Non Refundable Deposit Required To Register. Deposit Applies To Lesson Cost.  

Private Skating Lessons:

These lessons are done when the rink is not open for public skating.

Private Lessons Are Available For All Ages!  All Skill Levels!

Private Lesson 25 Minutes = $30.00 for one person.  If you have a friend or family member who would like to do the lesson with you it would cost $25 for each additional person.

Private Lesson 45 Minutes = $45.00 for one person.  If you have a friend or family member who would like to do the lesson with you it would cost $35 for each additional person.

Payment for Private Lessons is Cash Only!

You may bring your own quad skates or rent them at no additional charge.

Times & Prices are subject to change.






Information On Our Instructor


Erich Bachman is the roller-skating instructor at RollerMagic and is certified by the nationally recognized Roller Skating Association (RSA). Skaters have to pass a background check and training in order to become certified.  (RollerMagic is also an RSA affiliated rink.)

Skating has been a part of Erich's life since he was a child.  He started skating right here at RollerMagic when he was 8 when he joined, the now defunct, Waterbury Skating Club.

From age 8-14, he took lessons here at RollerMagic skating freestyle, learning different jumps and spins often at 4am on a Sunday morning.  During this time, he started to skate competitively and won several northeast region championship titles in his division.  When he turned 16, he got his first afterschool job as a DJ, also right here, at RollerMagic.

When the Waterbury Skating Club disbanded, Erich joined the Silver City Skating Club in Taunton, MA which was considered one of the best, most elite clubs in the country at that time.  The club was known for churning out various national and world champion skaters.

While there, Erich learned from the worldwide renowned skating coach John Viola.  Erich remembers, "He would rip me to shreds if I didn't do something right that he KNEW I could do.  That made me a better skater and gave me a good foundation for life in general."  Under John's leadership, Erich excelled to the next level and was a northeast regional champion several times again.  He even made it to the national championships a few times and even held a position as a national champion in his age group one year. 

At 18, Erich hung up his skates to go to college, eventually to raise a family and work at a few radio stations in the area.  Maybe you've heard his voice??

However, in the fall of 2019 he saw a flyer for a "Skatesgiving" adult skate party at RollerMagic.  He dusted his skates off and decided to go.  Erich was hooked, once again, and hasn't looked back.

Currently, as a coach/instructor, he uses his skills he was taught as a competitive rollerskater, along with updated current trends, to teach others his love for skating and his wealth of skating knowledge.  He's able to teach a wide range of skill levels from beginners to advanced.  "I would love to coach someone all the way to a gold medal someday."

Erich says, "The opportunities are endless with roller-skating and you can go as far as YOU want to go."  You can often catch Erich here at RollerMagic on Monday nights for the adult night vibing out.  He also occasionally makes the trip to other adult nights at other rinks and events around the northeast.  He added, "Since I came back, I have found skating to be a great culture and community.  As a child it gives you good discipline and a good foundation.  At the adult nights we are always sharing what we know with each other.  You'll never stop learning and that goes for me as well."

For more information call the rink at 203-753-4983 or send us a message thru our Facebook page Waterbury RollerMagic and be sure to check out Erich's TikTok page at @bachsk8ts.

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